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The Summer Scrap Elimination Project: Week 1

It's the first day of summer and here in Arizona and it is HOT, HOT, HOT! It's definitely time to hole up in my studio and make new things until cooler weather is with us again. This year I got back from my latest trip and started studio clean up. Usually that process begins with putting away my scraps from recent projects, but this time I was confronted with this image.

What a wreck! Not only can I not find anything in my scrap drawers, but I also can't fit any more in those drawers.

As you know, when we quilters get busy, we make a lot of scraps. So this is Week 1 of the Summer Scrap Elimination Project! I hope you enjoy the projects. Stick with me and you'll get a new project made entirely of scraps every week for 6 weeks!

1. For this first project, begin by cutting 2 1/2" strips that are longer than 8 1/2". Cut as many as you like. I started with 112 strips to make a small quilt ~36" x 41". I plan to make two more of these as my charity donation quilts for this year, so I have cut a lot of strips.