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Christmas in July

Good morning Blog Hoppers! Christmas is right around the corner for those of us that sew our gifts! CDM365 Studios has put together a great group of designers to bring you fabulous ideas for this year's holiday season!

Today I'd like to offer you a fun project to make for your friends and family for Christmas this year. Last year I gifted this to three of my friends and I made them all in a weekend!

Do you garden? Do your friends and family? Do you have a seed addiction? This project is for you! I'm making this download free for the rest of July!

Now some of my friends aren't really into getting their hands in the dirt the way I am, but this little organizer is also perfect to keep all your thank you notes in one space and be prepared to send out a nice message to those that have gifted YOU something lovely.

For this project you can work with some leftover fabrics or break into your fat quarter stash for some good coordinates. Consider what your friends like and choose fabrics that suit their personality. I'm planning a new one for my daughter this year with unicorn and rainbow fabrics!

Some tips to consider:

  1. I love to sew with a seam guide and my favorite one is the Ideal Seam Guide from Sew Very Smooth! The Student Edition set comes with everything you need to start guided sewing with perfect seam allowances!

  2. Don't second guess your seams. Make them perfect.

  3. Check out my video on setting up your Ideal Seam Guide and getting ready to make it your new best friend!

Bind in your favorite way with this project, but if you're a sewist that struggles with turning a corner and making it look excellent, I understand. I did too until I took some classes by a wonderful friend of mine. In this video, I explain how I turn a corner, making a sharp 45 degree angle and a neat point.

It's a whole line up of fun this week! Don't stop here! Visit all the lovely Christmas helpers and find out what all they have to offer you!

July 10th- Siobhan:

July 11th- Joise:

July 12th- Lissa:

July 13th- Jen:

July 14th- Swan:

July 18th- Siobhan:

Now, don't fall into my procrastination trap! Get started on that stitching now and fill up those holiday gift bags before December is upon us!


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