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Online Classes and Lectures

As always, if the class you would like to take is not available, or doesn’t meet your schedule, find three friends to join you and we will arrange a private class!  Email us at to arrange private classes or consults.


Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.


Modern Organic Machine Quilting:

Taught at Market Tucson 12/2015

“I loved this class – Swan was a great teacher!!”


“Wonderful, very informative!”


“Very good class” : had down graded the supply list and then changed her mind and wrote


“Actually the extra sandwiches that weren’t used will be great practice.”


“Another great class at the Quilter’s Market”


“I liked that you had a example of the patterns you wanted us to try. I also liked the part where you told us how to do it all and showed us. White board use was good. Pulling thread through good also!”


“This is the best machine quilting class I’ve taken (5 before this). It’s inspiring and so helpful. Thank you!”


“Best instructor yet!”

Needle Turn Applique:
Taught at Quilters Market 8/2016

“Swan is very knowledgeable on all aspects of quilting and no question is too silly to ask – She is a very patient teacher!”


“Swan is so well qualified and understanding. I love the way she shows a procedure over and over so each of us can see it!”

Watercolor for Quilters:
Taught at Quilters Market Tucson 3/2016

“Awesome instructor and project”


“Excellent class!”

“Best Class! Loved the class, best class I have been to in a long time”

"I have had several courses from Swan this fall. She is one of the best instructors I have had. She has the ability to see beyond the ordinary and relate her vision. She infuses wisdom with the mundane. She displays excellence with a focus on student's learning and without arrogance (a trait widely lacking). I wish I lived here and could take every course she taught! -Kate"

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