Creative Spaces Blog Hop: Week 1 Studio Clean Up

Welcome hoppers! I hope you have been enjoying this first week of the Creative Spaces Blog Hop! So many wonderful designers have been offering you fantastic ideas on Studio Clean Up and staying organized.

Moving into a new studio space has it's glorious moments and presents one with the opportunity to feel like everything is in it's place, however the longer one stays in a space the harder it can be to keep it organized. Sooner or later deadlines and multiple projects will put you in a position in which your studio might have a moment in which it looks like mine did when I came back from Spring Market and a lecture series in Oregon.

My tables were cluttered, my scrap drawers were over flowing, no corner was left without a pile of debris! As you can see, I even had lights hanging from the window blinds. What a mess.

When confronted with a room like this, my philosophy is always to pick a spot to start and create one beautiful space before beginning to consider the rest. I like to start with a table surface, so I have at least one space to work while I'm cleaning the rest of the space. In this case, I had been traveling with my machine (Lacey) so my primary sewing space was clearly the place to begin before resetting a machine. I also had a new machine (Diana) waiting in the box and decided that I would set her up as a trial and send Lacey to the shop for a spa day with the machine techs.

Goal one was to clear the machine space completely, wipe it down, and make it ready to reorganize the space.

Every time I get this space cleared I take time appreciate this gorgeous hickory table my su