Summer Scrap Elimination 2019: Week 6

Good morning Scrappers and welcome to the final week of the Summer Scrap Elimination. Today I am working from Nixa, Missouri at my family reunion, which means I am fighting a less than perfect internet connection and that's why I'm just a bit late getting this out to you. This little photo is one of the late torch cactus blossoms in my yard at home in Arizona that bloomed right before I left for Missouri. Isn't it lovely?! Today we are going to be making a 6 1/2" block that is just so cute and fun. The simplicity of the block makes it easy for anyone to make and fun for a variety of uses. I also like that it uses 1" strips, which makes it easy to cut for and easy to use smaller leftovers

Summer Scrap Elimination Week 5

Good morning Scrappers! First I have to offer you my apologies for posting late this week. It's monsoon season here in the Sonoran desert which means we have storms nearly every evening and though last night brought no rain to my home, it did result in high winds and consequently no internet at the point in which I would have like to put this blog out. I found myself utterly thwarted and went to bed early instead of staying up to hope for the return of the internet. I beg your forgiveness. This week we are going to be talking about another quilt artist and a project she is currently working on that is a powerful piece. I hope you will consider taking a day out of some of your personal pr

Summer Scrap Elimination 2019 Week 4

Good morning Scrappers! Can you believe we're in week 4 already! This summer is just flying by and I am drinking in my time in the studio right along with the ice tea and lemonade. Here in the desert the colors of summer are often somewhat burnt browns with spots of gold until the rains come and we see green again. I had those bleached whites, burnt browns, and gold flowers in mind when I started this project. I have to tell you that this week's project has pleased me so much more than I expected. It started off as a simple 10" block that I was hoping would use up a large amount of left over ends I had of brown and cream fabrics. I added some golds to the mix to make the project more fun

Summer Scrap Elimination 2019 Week 3

Good morning, my fellow scrappers! I hope your 4th of July celebrations were fabulous if not still ongoing! This week we are making something simple that we all need to have in our collection, a plastic bag storage bag. I found it somewhat hilarious to make a bag to store shopping bags in, but I liked making this one so much that I'm making it for all my friends especially those with dogs that need to have bags on hand for walkies. The materials you will need for this are super easy, but unlike the last couple weeks they are not quite as specific because you can vary the design in as many ways as you like. Approximate cut list: Two large scraps at least 19" wide of any width (I used two of

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