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Summer Scrap Elimination 2019 Week 3

Good morning, my fellow scrappers! I hope your 4th of July celebrations were fabulous if not still ongoing!

This week we are making something simple that we all need to have in our collection, a plastic bag storage bag. I found it somewhat hilarious to make a bag to store shopping bags in, but I liked making this one so much that I'm making it for all my friends especially those with dogs that need to have bags on hand for walkies.

The materials you will need for this are super easy, but unlike the last couple weeks they are not quite as specific because you can vary the design in as many ways as you like.

Approximate cut list:

Two large scraps at least 19" wide of any width (I used two of the same width, but that's optional)

Several scraps of any width, but of equal length (I used pieces 1 1/2" wide left over from a previous project)

You can make any variation on this in terms of putting pieces together

1 large scrap of lining material (any left over fabric) measuring 18" x 19"

Two pieces of elastic at least 6" long (I used left overs from a twirly skirt I made for my niece)

Step 1: