Creative Spaces Blog Hop: Week 6 Tools and Rulers

Good morning my lovely Hoppers! Can you believe it's been six weeks already!? The summer has just rolled by like a heat soaked freight train with so much to do and create. I hope you have been enjoying it as much as I have. Here in Southern Arizona, this is the time of the year to be careful about spending too much time outdoors with the 110+ degree days and our highest humidity created from our monsoon storms in the evening, so I take advantage of the forced seclusion to quilt as much as I can! If you're in one of the hotter areas of the country, I hope you're finding similar ways to keep yourself happy and cool. This week we're looking at rulers and tools. I see that some of my fellow

Creative Spaces Blog Hop: Week 5 Threads and Embellishments

Good morning fabulous Hoppers! It's week 5 of the Creative Spaces Blog Hop and this week my fellow designers and I are talking about thread and embellishments. My personal style doesn't include many embellishments, but I use A LOT of thread and I have some pretty well developed opinions about what I like and how I make thread decisions, so I've decided that thread is the best thing I can offer my opinion on on this week. With this blog, I'd like to focus on how to choose thread, what to think about when you do, and how to test your thread for your projects, so that you know what the results will be when you add it to your final work. Let's begin by saying that I love thread and I feel it i

Creative Spaces Blog Hop: Week 4 Fabric Organization

Good morning Hoppers!! This week feels near to my heart. I think many of us get into quilting, sewing, and designing because we fall in love with fabric. We love going to fabric stores! We love bringing home bags of beautiful woven gems to pet and play with. Once we get that fabulous fabric home, we need a way to store it that allows us to see what we have available and a way to deal with our leftovers that makes sense. Today I'd like to start by sharing how I handle my fabric when I first buy it and bring it home. I buy a lot of fabric that I don't have a plan for. I just know that I need colors and I need a range of value change in each color family. When I travel to different part

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