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Summer Scrap Elimination Week 5

Good morning Scrappers! First I have to offer you my apologies for posting late this week. It's monsoon season here in the Sonoran desert which means we have storms nearly every evening and though last night brought no rain to my home, it did result in high winds and consequently no internet at the point in which I would have like to put this blog out. I found myself utterly thwarted and went to bed early instead of staying up to hope for the return of the internet. I beg your forgiveness.

This week we are going to be talking about another quilt artist and a project she is currently working on that is a powerful piece. I hope you will consider taking a day out of some of your personal projects and supporting The Mourning Project.

Infant mortality is a major cause of concern in the United States, which may surprise you considering that we live in an advanced country. However mothers and babies are at risk every day of dying in childbirth and in the first year of life. My quilty friend Mary Vaneecke, here in Tucson, has been using her quilts and fiber arts for years to shine a light on important issues, including the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. Recently, Mary began to ask how she could help to call attention to infant mortality in the U.S. and create a dialogue on how we begin to take on this challenge.