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The Summer Scrap Elimination Project: Week 5

Happy Thursday Scraptastic Quilters! Can you believe it's week 5 of this project already?! The summer is going by so fast. Last week we mentioned making simple precuts 2 1/2" wide and 1 1/2" wide and we're going to use those same precut scraps again. This time we are making scrappy throw pillows to dress up the couch toss on a bed with one of your new quilts. I will give you cutting instructions for a 20" pillow to fit a 20" pillow form, but you can make the pillows any size.

For this project you will need:

2 squares of muslin or left over fabric measuring 22" x 22"

1 square of batting also measuring 22" x 22"

scraps in any width (I used both 2 1/2" widths and 1 1/2" widths)

~ 1/2 yard of backing material to finish the pillow.

a marking tool (pencil is fine)

a walking foot

(To make this pillow in any other size, start with 2 pieces of muslin and 1 piece of batting cut two inches larger than the finished size of the pillow.)

To make the pillow:

1. Begin by marking one of the muslin squares with 1" lines on the diagonal to help keep your strips aligned. I started by marking the longest diagonal from corner to corner and then marking 1" increments on either side all the way out on either side. I made my marks with a regular pencil. They will be covered with fabric later, so it doesn't matter if they wash out or not.