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Creative Spaces Blog Hop: Week 3 Organization Tips

Welcome to Week 3 of the Creative Spaces Blog Hop! It was so fun to hear from all of you last week as you read the tools blog. I'm so glad you all found things that excited you last week.

This week we are focusing on keeping organized. If you find it a challenge to keep organized you're not alone. You saw some of my studio clean up photos. Clearly I face the same trials most quilters do. Organizing is HARD!

I could give you some of the basic ideas that I use for everything like keeping all of my fabric for a Block of the Month on one shelf until the project is completed and bound, or creating labels for different sets of block pieces to keep them straight, but it's summer and I thought you could use some tips on traveling with your quilt projects. Today we're going to talk about some of the best ways to travel with your applique or blocks in progress so you're ready to head off to your favorite vacation destinations, quilty project in hand.

The first necessity to traveling with your projects is to be able to have all of your necessary tools accessible. I travel