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Globe Trotter Blog Hop with Swan Amity

Happy Friday Globe Trotters and welcome to my

studio in Vail, Arizona! The beautiful new Globe

Trotter line from Tamarinis and Island Batik is

coming to a quilt shop near you! I loved working

with this beautiful fabric and I hope you will too.

I've also been working with dimensional flowers in several of my new projects, so this blog seemed like the perfect time to offer you a tutorial on making Kanzashi with the Clover kanzashi makers. I hope you enjoy!

Kanzashi is a tradition of Japanese hair ornamentation and often included a variety of folded fabric flowers. Recently the Clover company began producing a variety of templates that make creating these beautiful flowers simple and easy.

1. This kanzashi is made with the orchid petal template. Begin with a piece of fabric slightly larger than the template.