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Post Houston Fun and Black Friday Sales!!

We are back from Houston and IQA Quilt

Festival! The last of my torch cactus blossoms are brightening my day on the counter and I am back at work making beautiful new things. But before I get too crazy with new creations in the the studio, I want to share everything we brought out at this recent event and a few fabulous offers to help kick off your holiday shopping! Also, thanks to A&E Gütermann we also have an amazing give away for you today too!

This fall, I designed three new patterns based in part on some classes I've been teaching recently.

1. Cactus Specimen is my newest pattern

designed to help you enjoy your machine's decorative stitches. If you bought your machine for all the beautiful stitches it has to offer, you should have excuses like this to use them all. Cactus Specimen is designed to be fused and stitched with a variety of stitches from your machine. It measures 21" x 32" and makes a great wal