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Kismet: You'll fall in love

Good morning Hoppers! It's day 4 of the

Kismet Blog Hop and we have some fun things to share with you from Swan Amity Studios.

Let me tell you, Quilting Friends, I love this line of fabric and I have no doubt you will too! It's luscious. Tamarini and Island Batik have hit it out of the park this year with this bright and beautiful collection.

When I started working with Kismet, I immediately found it hard to choose from all of the lovely options, so I created a pattern that would allow me to use a variety of fabrics. I also wanted them to shine with their full brilliance, so I paired them with a white background to allow them to pop off the surface of the project.

For those of you that love circles and simple piecing, visit my site to find Bagatelle and enjoy how well it pairs with Kismet and a pale or a dark background fabric.