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Onward and Upward Designers Shop Hop

The heat of the summer is on us, which in Arizona means I spend a lot more of my day inside making quilts and only venture out in the early morning and the late evening. Still, there are always beautiful things to see in the desert and I enjoy them all as we await the summer rains.

When Tammy Silvers asked me if I'd like to join the Designers Shop Hop, it was a lovely piece of inspiration to hear the concept would be focused on moving forward and working together. Quarantine has been hard on aspects of the quilt industry, but never in my career have I seen so many designers united to help each other and encourage each other. Not only have we united to help each other, but also to keep our quilting fans and their machines revved up and sewing like the devoted quilters we know you are. So join me in front of the machine and we'll beat the summer heat together!

In considering what I would design for this event, I wanted to convey the sense of displacement many of us are feeling right now, and that led me to think about a block I had been playing with drawing recently. Eventually it occurred to me that I would alter the block to have a single portion of the design out of place, but appearing as though it were merely hovering, waiting to join its compatriots and complete the image.

I created Disconnected and it felt right.