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Peacock Plumes from Tamarinis and Island Batik

Happy Wednesday and welcome to the Peacock Plumes Virtual Blog Hop for Tamarinis' new signature line from Island Batik! I really love how much rich color is available in this gorgeous line of fabric. When I look for a good line of fabric to work with, I'm assessing the value change and the colors available. This beautiful line just begs to be part of a new design.

Look at all those lovely colors that work well together like the perfect assortment of flowers, with darks, mediums, and lights! You just can't wait to cut them up and make new things out of them.

Lately, as I prepare for my next round of teaching Shape Shifter in November, I'm always on the look out to see how a new line would work with this versatile quilt pattern. The purples and greens with the darks in this line, were exactly the thing for Shape Shifter and I had a great time testing them out with EQ to see what students might like to see from Peacock Plumes in a Shape Shifter pattern.

The pop of Peacock Plumes in this pattern is just what I'm looking for. Brilliant jewel tones, paired with deep darks to really make them shine.

As I selected fabrics for this one, I was aiming for some beautiful contrasting colors that would draw the eye through the project and these really hit the spot.

If this quilt pattern excites you, be sure to subscribe to my site and get the next update on classes both in person and online.

Make sure you visit all the designers in the hop and enjoy all the beautiful ideas they have for you!

A whole new list of classes from Swan Amity Studios is coming out the week before Houston Quilt Festival. Be sure to stay tuned for the next list of innovative classes available from the Studio!


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