The Summer Scrap Elimination 2021: Week 4

Happy Thursday Scrappers! This week's project is one I've been wanting to make for a while. For years, I've been carrying my Guild Membership Card in a lanyard and adding my quilt show pins to it when I attend a show or win an award. For those of you that collect show pins, you know that can make your lanyard heavy in a relatively short period of time. In addition to that, I ran out of room on my lanyard!

Today's project is a beautiful way to make a pieced "scarf" as long or as short as you like with a card holder attachment. I plan to use mine to store my Guild Membership Card and decorate it with all of my quilt show pins!

Supplies you will need:

A variety of scraps in the colors of choice - I chose to go with a rainbow collection of fabric

A backing strip 6 1/2" wide by the desired length - I used a leftover piece of a wideback fabric

Timtex or another similar stiff material - I started with two pieces 4" x 6"

Fabric glue - I used Aleene's Tacky Glue

Clear plastic piece - I used a scrap of template plastic

Step 1: Determine the width of the blocks you would like to make. I chose 6 1/2" as my width to make sure I would have enough room for my Membership Card holder. build the block, adding pieces to read the desired width, and trimming away the excess or straightening the edge when necessary. When you reach a length or a look you enjoy, your block is complete.

There is no required length and each of your sections may be a little longer or shorter than the last. Maintain the same width with each block.

Make as many blocks as you like in order to reach the approximate desired length of your scarf.

Step 2: Organize your blocks in the manner that best pleases you. Stitch those blocks together to create the two sides of your scarf (Image 2).

If one side is shorter than the other, cut a solid piece of fabric to make up the difference and attach it to the short side (Image 3).

Connect the two sides with a 6 1/2" x 16" piece of fabric that will drape around the back of the neck. (Image 4)

Step 3: Poisition your membership card in the center of the first piece of Timtex. Using a ruler and a pen, draw a rectangle around your badge or membership card. I made the first rectangle 1/4" larger than my membership card all the way around.

Draw a second rectangle at least 3/8" larger around the first and cut out the resulting frame.

Use the Frame as a guide for cutting a piece of material to cover the Timtex.

Use the fabric glue to cover the Timtex frame with the chosen fabric, pulling the outside edges over the sides first, applying a new layer of glue, and then pulling the inside edges over the sides, clipping the corners where necessary to get the best fit. Allow the frame to dry.

Step 4: Complete the card holder. From the second piece of Timetex, cut a solid piece 1/4" larger around than the completed frame.

Use the fabric glue and a larger scrap of fabric to cover the second piece of Timtex. Allow for the glue to dry.

Position the frame in the center of the frame backing and stitch on three sides, leaving it open on the top to be able to slide the card inside.

Measure the space between the stitching of the frame and cut a piece of template plastic to fit in the opening to create the window for your Membership Card. Finally, Position the completed card holder on the scarf and stitch into place.

Step 5: Measure the length of your scarf and cut a piece of backing material the same length and width as the scarf.

Step 6: With right sides together, pin the scarf to the backing strip and stitch using a 1/4" seam.

Be sure to leave an opening in one end large enough to make it easy to turn the scarf right side out, allowing the stiff card holder to easily pass through while turning.