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The Summer Scrap Elimination 2021: Week 5

Good morning Scrappers! We're making a bag with our scraps today!

Now, I'm no professional bag maker, but I think you'll see this is a project that you, like me, can handle. We're going to use a variety of scraps in yellow, orange, and red, paired with left over strips of a dark and a length of binding I had left over from a large project I finished last year.

This bag is not difficult and you will have some video support to help show you how to attach the sides later in the blog.

Supplies you will need:

A variety of scraps in the colors of choice I chose to use just the warm portion of the spectrum

Two dark strips 2 1/2" x 34"

A batting scrap at least 35" x 16"

A piece of backing (inside of the bag) 37" x 18"

2 scraps of dark 6" x 14 1/2"