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The Summer Scrap Elimination 2021: Week 5

Good morning Scrappers! We're making a bag with our scraps today!

Now, I'm no professional bag maker, but I think you'll see this is a project that you, like me, can handle. We're going to use a variety of scraps in yellow, orange, and red, paired with left over strips of a dark and a length of binding I had left over from a large project I finished last year.

This bag is not difficult and you will have some video support to help show you how to attach the sides later in the blog.

Supplies you will need:

A variety of scraps in the colors of choice I chose to use just the warm portion of the spectrum

Two dark strips 2 1/2" x 34"

A batting scrap at least 35" x 16"

A piece of backing (inside of the bag) 37" x 18"

2 scraps of dark 6" x 14 1/2"

2 scraps of batting 7" x 16"

2 scraps of backing (inside of bag) 8" x 17"

Length of binding material at least 110 inches

Step 1. As we did in week 4, I chose the width of the fabric strips I would like to create. In this case, I determined 4" was just a bit larger than I would like, so I started with that. I began creating a long strip of scraps, connecting various pieces by using the sew and flip method. Sewing a new piece on, flipping it out and pressing, then trimming it straight and adding the next piece.

I worked in this fashion until the piece was

33 1/2" long.

Create three of these strips in the colors of your choice and trim each to measure 3 3/4" x 33 1/2".

Step 2. Complete the front outside of the bag by piecing all three strips together with the two 2 1/2" dark strips.

Press toward the dark strips.

Trim away any excess of the dark strips on both ends.

Step 3; Layer the Outside of the bag created in Step 2 with the large batting scrap and the large piece of backing. Likewise, layer the 6" x 14 1/2" dark scraps with the smaller scraps of batting and the smaller scraps of backing.

Baste. I like to pin baste with #1 safety pins.

To stabilize the sandwich, ditch along the dark strips, either with a walking foot (feed dogs up) or with your free motion foot (feed dogs down).

Step 4: Use your walking foot or free motion to quilt the main portion of your bag and the two side pieces of your bag. Choose free motion designs that are not too dense, so your bag doesn't shrink up while you're working

I used long wiggling lines for this portion of the quilting. For tips on how to increase your comfort with quilting long curving lines, check out this short video.

Step 5: Once your pieces are quilted, trim the smaller sides of the bag to 5 1/2" x 14 1/4".

Trim the larger portion of the bag to measure 33 1/2" x 14"

Step 6: Add binding to the top of each side panel and trim on both sides.

Step 7: Use the remainder of the binding to put the bag together.

  1. Begin on the inside of the bag on one of the 14" sides and use these three videos to help you attach the side panels and turn the corners.

  2. Use your favorite technique to complete the binding connection. I like to use The Binding Tool from The Quilters Mercantile Inc.

  3. Turn over the binding and stitch down using your favorite method. Most of you know I'm a hand binding fanatic, so yes, I turned mine by hand.

Voila! Your bag is ready for straps or handles!

Check back next week to see how I added the handles so I can take my snazzy new bag to the quilt shop and stock up on new yardage!

Use this same method to resize your bag, making it bigger or smaller in order to suit your needs!

You might even choose to make yours without the side panels to carry your rulers and cutting mats to class.

This week you are also treated to more wonderful guest designer blogs!

First this week is Kathryn LeBlanc from Dragonfly Quilt Shop who is offering you a blog on Scrappy Quilt As You Go! This is a method you're going to enjoy, especially for those of you that want to quilt your own quilts without working on larger pieces. I just know you're going to appreciate this thought process. Visit her on Instagram @dragonflysquiltingdesignstudio or on Facebook page to keep up with announcements of her new ideas!

I'm also delighted to introduce you to Leanne Parsons at Devoted Quilter who is offering you a blog I know I've been looking forward to on crumb quilting with tiny pieces. Leanne is constantly exploring color and other fun ideas. Stay tuned to her updates on Instagram @devotedquilter or on Facebook!

Don't forget the last Saturday in July I am hosting a class on making booties for The Mourning Project. Mary Vaneecke will be teaching a variety of methods to make booties for this laudable art project calling attention to infant mortality in the United States. Visit my website HERE and click on the Book Now button to sign up today!

Next week, join me for our final week of the Summer Scrap Elimination and our final guest designer, Shankari Patel from Sewl Sister. We'll be finishing strong with another block based project I that is fun, easy, and looks great in so many sizes! I'll see you next week Scrap Fans!


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