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Tiki Punch from Kate Colleran and Island Batik

My lovely quilty friends, I am sure you will love this bright and happy new signature line created by Kate Colleran for Island Batik, the punch of these colors suits the title of this line exceptionally well.

When I first saw these luscious colors with the floral images, I wanted to create a pattern that would create a sense of movement and action. I thinking about the paper dolls I had as a child, I started to think of silhouettes that could be dressed with petals and ribbons as I used to dress my dolls in the garden. I hope you will enjoy this new project and be inspired to make one of your own.

Begin by downloading the pattern, which is free for the entire month of January when you use the code TIKI. Trace the reverse image of the pattern pieces onto the fusible of your choice. I like SoftFuse for most projects. Select a variety of coordinating fabrics and fuse to the wrong side of the chosen fabric for each color. I mark a straight line on the pieces to indicate the straight of grain of the fabric.

Cut out each piece on the line and cut a piece of background fabric 15" x 11". Mark the background fabric with a vertical and horizontal centering line using a washout marking tool. Use the centering lines to line up the compiled image using a light box (I love the Wafer 2 from The Daylight Company) or a window. Peel the fusing paper from your pieces and organize the shapes on the background.

Slide the background off the light box and onto a pressing surface. Following the directions particular to your chosen fusible, complete the fusing of your pieces onto the background.

Next, choose your threads, laying out several spools of color to help you decide. Choose a stitch that will allow you to easily turn sharp curves and outline small spaces. Then select a stitch length and width that you like. I like to layer my project with a piece of tear away stabilizer before stitching to keep my stitches even and neat. Outline each piece with your chosen thread and stitches.

When your stitching is complete, peel away the stabilizer and trim the background rectangle to measure 14 1/2" x 10 1/2".

Cut 1 1/2" strips from