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Chemical Attraction: Art in Everything

Chemical Attractions began as an accident of sorts. Way back in early 2016, I was asked to demo my applique method for a local group here in Arizona. The Valley Quilters Guild in Green Valley, AZ had asked me to join their Quilt Academy

and to focus my lecture time on applique. In the interests of time allowances and sticking to a specific framework for the lecture, I wanted to design a block to demo that would emphasize making clean curves and neat points with layering and the need for the occasional lining fabric, while still having a simple repetitive structure. The resulting design was the block you see here.

This block fit all my parameters. Simple points, lots of curves, light fabrics with dark fabrics, and repeating elements. I started to think it would make a nice pillow when I was done.

After the demo and lecture I posted a photo on my Swan Amity Studios Facebook page and was surprised when some of my more science grounded friends asked me if I was modeling the block from a flat orbital molecule.

Well my quilty friends, my Masters Degree is in Nineteenth Century British Literature. I assure you that prior to this experience, I had not one clue what a flat orbital mo