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The Summer Scrap Elimination Project: Week 3

This week we are making a super cute table topper. While going through my scraps I found several 1" strips that were all left over from a color value project I had done a couple of years ago. I almost threw them out because they were only an inch wide, but then I thought this was the perfect opportunity to make a project with tiny strips! So here are the directions to a great project for skinny strips.

You will need the following

1" strips by Width of Fabric of 5 reds, 5 oranges, 5 yellows, 5 greens, 5, blues, and 5 purples

borders: 2 strips 2 1/2" x 32 1/4" and 2 strips 2 1/2" x 21 1/4"

backing: rectangle 38" x 24"

batting: rectangle 38" x 24"

1. Begin by stitching each set of colors together from darkest to lightest to create 6 color stratas. To make them easier to handle, I cut my strips in half so that they were 1" x 20".

As usual, I am stitching my stratas using an ideal seam guide from Sew Very Smooth to achieve uniform seams.

Press each seam in the same direction.