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Summer Twilight from Island Batik

I LOVE this line! Look at all these luscious tropical colors! I could play with them all day. One of the best features of this collection is the way range of size in the prints. From the tiny sprays of flowers to the large stylized blossoms, everything is here.

I love how well these fabrics lend themselves to some of my newer patterns. Let's take a look!

Spooling is a pattern I released this spring and I immediately thought about how much it would lend itself well to showcasing Summer Twilight's possibilities.

The pinks and magentas are so lovely with the cool, calming blues and greens here. I would love this as a baby quilt for a new family member or a lap quilt for a friend.

Here I chose to use the Sprinkles background fabric from Island Batik and it's so perfect for this line.

This project is traditionally pieced and can be easily executed in a long weekend.

I also really wanted to have an excuse to use the gorgeous dark fabric with the big floral element in a manner that would allow you to see as much of the design as possible.

I tested it out as the border of my Rogue Cabins design and it was perfect. The powerful colors here with the deep dark is exactly what I was hoping for.

Rogue Cabins is a traditionally pieced project using log cabin concepts as well as a variation on Half Square Triangle units.

The precuts for Summer Twilight are delightful. These beautiful colors make me eager to find strip piecing projects that would give me reason to pick up a package of these babies.

Tammy Silvers of Tamarinis has absolutely made my day with this lovely line. If you love them as much as I do, don't miss out!

If you're an Instagram lover, be sure to check out the Instagram loop on May 19th and find out about all the lovely ideas a great list of designers has prepared for you.

Happy stitching, my friends!

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Marty Knutson
Marty Knutson
May 13, 2023

Beautiful fabric and what a great pattern

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